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Diabetes Headquarters stock are large range of Diabetes Insulin Pump Belts from Rockadex.

These are super comfortable, lightweight and fit nicely around your waist allowing you to discreetly carry your insulin pump.

The insulin pump belts are made from high quality Lycra/Nylon fabric that fits snug around your waist/hips. Each belt has a number of pockets, which allow you to place the insulin pump wherever it suits you. In the extra pockets, you can carry food for hypo treatment, extra equipment, a mobile phone or even money.


Sizes :

  • X Small (47cm to 55cm Waist).
  • Small (55cm to 65cm Waist).
  • Medium (65cm to 85cm Waist).
  • Large (85cm to 100cm Waist).

When ordering the Diabetes Insulin Pump belt, please choose the belt size nearest to your waist or hips measurement, depending on where you would like to ear it. By choosing your exact or a slightly smaller sized belt, the belt will fit snugly and prevent your insulin pump from moving and bouncing when worn.