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Diabetes Headquarters (HQ) stock a large range of Insulin Pump Belts.

The insulin pump belt will sit flat around your waist and are very comfortable, just like your not wearing them at all.

No more fiddling with clips and zippers.

Suitable to fit any insulin pump, Dexcom receiver, phone or anything else you may need to carry. 

Features :

Our fantastic 4 way stretch pump belts are perfect for all those things you need to carry around. 

The insulin pump band pictured is made from Lycra and is carrying the Dexcom receiver & iPhone 5 - there is still room for more if needed.

We have a great range of colours a great range of colours and styles available. 

Additional size information :

XS Small 47-55cm    

Small 55-65cm    

Medium 65-75cm  

Not sure what size you need, no need to worry,  

we do custom make large custom sizes   -   send us a message with your measurement and we will custom make it to fit perfectly.  

Also if you aren't pumping, it's perfect to carry your pens.