Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Travel Bags

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Diabetes Headquarters (HQ) stock Australia's largest range of Insulated Medical Travel Bags.

Medactiv bags are designed to improve your lifestyle with freedom to travel knowing that your medication is kept exactly at the right temperature.

When sensitive medications are exposed to extreme temperature, they quickly lose their effectiveness.

Medactiv products improve your lifestyle and provide freedom to travel short or long distances with your temperature sensitive medications.


Diabetes Headquarters (HQ) stock three types of Medactiv Rheumatoid Arthritis - Insulated Travel Bags. 

We stock three types of Medactiv - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Insulated Travel Bags.

Our bags are designed to keep medications cool from 12 hours, to 24 hours, to 36 hours depending on your travelling times.

The Rheumatoid Arthritis - Insulated Medical Travel Bags has been designed to keep your medication cool between 2-8 degrees. 

These are suitable to store Rheumatoid Arthritis medications such as : Enebrel, Humira


Features :

Cooling Compartment : you have two choice's, to choose which insulated medical bag you require :

  1. If you need to store your medication between, a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C or 36.6°F to 46.4°F, the iCool range is your solution.
  2. If you need to store your medication between, a temperature range of 16°C to 25°C or 60.8°F to 77.0°F, the EasyBag range is you solution.


It is important to note, the Medactiv bags are designed specifically to carry all of your sensitive medications, and have been tested in laboratories to prove their performance.

Medactiv collaborate with leading technology companies such as BASF from Germany, and employ BASF's patented technology in some of the Medactiv cooler bags.  

Therefore it is not a fair comparison, to compare a Medactiv product to a cooler bag & ice brick that has been bought from a hardware or a travel bag shop, that has not been tested in a controlled environment.  


Additional Information

Uwe Diegel, is the creator of Medactiv.

In 2003, Uwe’s brother almost died following an incident where his medication was accidentally frozen in a hotel. So Uwe started Medactiv in New Zealand and later relocated to France.

The Medactiv products are popular, because they are designed by patients for patients and because Medactiv speak directly with manufacturers of medications to really understand their needs.


Important Note

The information presented here is a guide only and not medical advice. 

The information is based, on the publicly available information at the time of publication.

Specifications for medications do change,

you should always confirm with either your local doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company for the recommended medication storage temperature or the recommended medication transportation temperature for your medication.