Timesulin - The Smart Cap for Your Insulin Pen

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Diabetes (HQ) Headquarters stocks an exciting range of the Timesulin Smart Replacement Timer Caps.

The Timesulin smart replacement caps have a built in timer attachment designed to make life with diabetes a little bit easier.

Timesulin automatically tracks the time since your last injection.

Remembering if you took your insulin or not is arguably one of the most important questions when living with insulin dependent diabetes.

The Smart Cap Timesulin offers major advance in Diabetes compliance / management.


By using your Timesulin,

1. You help reduce the chance that you miss an injection

2. You help reduce the chance of taking a dangerous double dose and thereby risk sever hypo/hyperglycemia

93% of people living with diabetes have problems remembering whether they have taken their dose or not.


Features :

  • Automatically tracks the time since your last injection.
  • Takes away any risk of injecting too often, or not enough.
  • Replace your old cap with Timesulin and it will immediately start counting the seconds, starting at one second (00:01) and counting up to an hour.
  • After an hour, the timer mode will switch from MM: SS to HH: MM.
  • Lifespan of a Timesulin is 12 months.


How it the Timesulin Works :

Step #1 - Pull the tab and activate Timesulin

When you receive your Timesulin smart cap it will have a small plastic tab in place, which protects the battery. Activate the battery by removing the plastic protective tab and the timer on your Timesulin cap will start blinking 00:00.  Administer your insulin injection and then replace your Timesulin smart cap onto your insulin pen.

Step #2 - Snap Timesulin Onto Your Insulin Pen

The smart cap will immediately start counting the seconds, starting at one second (00:01) and counting up to an hour. After an hour, the timer mode will switch from MM:SS to HH:MM and run until 99 hours and 59 minutes. Remember to cover or switch the needle between each injection so no insulin leaks inside your Timesulin.

Step #3 - Timesulin Starts Automatically Counting;

To reactive your timer, simply remove the cap for longer than 8 seconds and start all over! We have incorporated an 8-second delay in the resetting of your Timesulin smart cap. This will allow you to remove the cap – to check your pen’s insulin levels on the way out to dinner, for example – without resetting the timer.


About Timesulin :

John Sjolund is the co-founder and CEO of Timesulin. Timesulin is a smart cap for insulin pens to track injections.

Timesulin is a brand of Patients Pending Ltd, established in 2010 to create unique and patentable solutions to daily issues faced by people living with chronic conditions.

In 2017, Patients Pending Ltd was acquired by Bigfoot Biomedical, a new kind of medical device company developing technologies to significantly reduce the cognitive, emotional, and financial burden of insulin-requiring diabetes. 


Important Note :

Remember to cover or remove the needle between each injection so no insulin leaks inside your Timesulin.

Leaking insulin can damage the electronics inside the Timesulin resulting in failure.

Damage and/or failure caused by leaking insulin will not be covered by Diabetes Headquarters or Timesulin.


 Specifications for medications do change 

The user always maintains full responsibility to administer the medication at appropriate times.

The Timesulin cap is only to be used as a reminder aid in taking your medication. 

The information presented here is a guide only, and not medical advice. 

Always follow your doctor's treatment recommendation and advice.

Should you forget to take a injection or have double dosed, please call your doctor immediately.

You should always confirm with either your local doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company for the recommended handling procedure or the recommended medication transportation temperature for your medication.


The information is based, on the publicly available information at the time of publication.