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Myabetic - Eli Diabetes Pouch - Purple Nylon


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The Myabetic Eli Diabetes Pouch from Diabetes Headquarters (HQ) is right up your alley if you are a minimalist and want to carry the bare necessities ?


Do you currently carry these bare necessities in a folded plastic bag?

Myabetic have created this pocket-size nylon case for streamlined diabetes lifestyles.


Features of the Myabetic Eli Diabetes Pouch :

  • High quality materials
  • Holds the essentials including a glucose meter, a lancing device, lancets, test strips, syringe, insulin pen and insulin vial
  • Includes a small Velcro slit pocket on the exterior to store used test strips while you are on the go. 


Additional information :

The Eli pouch is named after the company that introduced the world first commercial insulin.


Dimensions :

6.5 L x 3.75 W x 0.5 H inches