Diabetes HQ - The Timesulin - KwikPen - made by Lilly Pharmaceuticals

The Timesulin - KwikPen - made by Lilly Pharmaceuticals

Diabetes Headquarters

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Timesulin KwikPen from Diabetes Headquarters is suitable for;

  • Humalog - 75/25
  • Humalog - 50/50
  • Humalog

The Timesulin fits the following insulin KwikPen Pens :

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Remembering if you took your insulin or not is arguably one of the most important questions when living with insulin dependent diabetes.

By using your Timesulin, you help reduce the chance that you miss an injection or take a dangerous double dose and thereby risk sever hypo/hyperglycemia

93% of people living with diabetes have problems remembering whether they have taken their dose or not.