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Diabetes Headquarters (HQ) stock and sell the carefully made Glucology Diabetic socks from IBD Medical and represent a revolutionary breakthrough in diabetic wearables !


Product Review :

Dr Juan Mellibovsky the physician who examined and treated the skin of the 33 recused miners from the San Jose mine in Chile.

"Cupron socks were intended to help the trapped miners and protect their feet until their rescue. I am convinced that these socks played a major role in protecting the miners feet"


Features :

The patented copper based yarn, Cupron®, protects the feet with broad spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and skin enhancement properties.

The copper-infused socks are an effective and scientifically proven way to improve a diabetic patient's health and well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions :

"   what is the difference between normal socks and Diabetic socks   "

Normal socks made from regular fabric provide little or no benefit to people with Diabetes when compared to Diabetic socks. 

In fact bacteria can multiple in regular fabrics.

Diabetic Headquarters sell Diabetic socks that are made from Cupron which is copper impregnated yard that prevents the multiplication of bacteria. The benefits of these socks are recognised by organisations such as NASA.


These Diabetic socks are also registered with the Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA) as a Class 1 Medical Device


Additional information :

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