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Medical Equipment for Clinical Trials

Diabetes Headquarters provide timely access to medical equipment and support logistic needs. 

Our tailored rental solutions adapt to your clinical trial phase, geographic complexities and allow for delays and early terminations.

We cut unexpected costs with transparent predictable solutions so that you can streamline drug development.

We are part of a team that has provided medical equipment for drug development in over 150 countries.

Having build a strong network of local agents and brokers, we can deliver medical equipment on site, when needed, worldwide.

Diabetes Headquarters helps companies with their medical equipment needs for clinical trials.

We provide, manage and transport medical equipment for global clinical trials. We offer rental, sale and sourcing solutions for standard and specific clinical equipment needs.

In January 2021,the corona-virus global pandemic was in Australia.

As part of Diabetes Headquarters clinical trial roll-out, we worked closely with the makers of the Stirling ultra low temperature vaccine freezer to deliver this to several locations across Australia including the Hollywood Private Hospital Pharmacy in Perth. 

The Stirling SU105UE Freezer. is designed to maintain medications such as the corona-virus vaccine at minus 86°C degrees.

Diabetes Headquarters supply over 30 x hospitals across Australia Medication Cooler Bags

Since2018, Diabetes Headquarters has been supplying many hospitals across Australia their diabetes transportation bags, insulin bags, isothermic bags, medication cooler bags, vaccine transportation bags for their clinical trials such as the Medicube - where the transportation temperature required is between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius.

 DHQ supply medical equipment to RPAH

In February 2021,as part of Diabetes Headquarters clinical trial roll-out, we worked closely with team Enlake, to supplythe Liebherr Laboratory Freezer theInstitute of Clinical Neuroscienceslocated at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) in Sydney.

The Liebherr Laboratory Freezer cooling temperature is continuously adjustable from -9°C to -26°C with the aid of the thermostat integrated into the control panel.

Diabetes Headquarters supplied medical equipment to YNA

In August 2021,as part of Diabetes Headquarters clinical trial roll-out, we worked closely with the team from Hillrom (now part of Baxter Health), to supply theMortara ELI 150c 12 Lead Resting ECG Machine to several locations in Adelaide including Your Nursing Agency Pty Ltd.

The compact and lightweight ELI 150c Electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in an ultra-portable device.

SA Health Dept

Since February 2020, as part of Diabetes Headquarters clinical trial roll-out for children with Diabetes.

We have been working with various Hospitals & University Research Departments in Adelaide including the University of Adelaide, supplying various Diabetes Accessories including the Diabetes SPI belt and Children’s Diabetes education toys.

     Diabetes Headquarters Clinical Trial Roll Out

In January 2022,Diabetes Headquarters worked closely with smiths-medical (now part of ICU Medical) to roll out the CADD VIP Solis infusion pump and Giving Set to many Home Care Nurses Organisation’s across Australia.

The CADD®-Solis VIP system provides clinicians with confidence of reliable pump performance, accurate medication delivery and ease of use. It’s the first multi-therapy infusion platform that is safe, simple and smart.  

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