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Liebherr LGUex 1500 Spark Free Laboratory / Medical Freezer

Liebherr LGUex 1500 Spark Free Lab/Med Freezer

Gross capacity : 139 litres

External Dimensions (W/D/H) : 597mm / 615mm / 820 mm

Noise Level : 45 dB(A)   

Energy efficiency : 338 [kWh/year]


Liebherr freezer (1) is from Diabetes Headquarters Sydney

Robust and Spark-Free :

This laboratory freezer with static cooling and a spark-free interior was designed especially for storing explosive and highly flammable substances.

The interiors of the LGUex 1500 model meet all the safety requirements of the EU Directive 94/9EC (ATEX 95).

The freezer excels with a large capacity and rugged design. The cooling temperature is continuously adjustable from -9°C to -26°C with the aid of the thermostat integrated into the control panel.


Comfort Controller :

The precision Comfort electronic controller with digital temperature display enables temperatures to be set to 1/10°C accuracy.

Symbols indicate the operating status of the appliance at all times.

To satisfy laboratory hygiene requirements, the Comfort electronic controller is flush-mounted and has an easy clean membrane keypad.


Integrated Alarm Systems :

A visual and audible temperature alarm alerts the user if temperature deviation limits are exceeded. The parameters for the temperature alarm can be individually set.

Visual and audible door alarms are raised if the door is open for longer than 1 minute. Furthermore, the laboratory appliances with Comfort electronic controllers have a visual power failure alarm when mains power returns and a sensor defect alarm.


Integrated Data Memory :

The Comfort electronic controller has an integrated data memory. It logs the maximum and minimum internal temperatures that occurred once the set temperature was reached, the last three temperature alarms and power failures, together with the time, date and duration of the alarm.

The respective data can be recalled using the Alarm-Log function and read on the display panel.


1-Point Calibration :

The laboratory freezer with Comfort electronic controllers provide 1-point calibration for accurate temperature control.

This permits compensation between the set temperature and the actual internal temperature. Positive or negative changes to the correction value can be made in steps of 0.1K.


Maximum Temperature Stability and Temperature Consistency :

In conjunction with the precision Comfort electronic controller, the static cooling system of the laboratory freezers with spark-free interior ensure maximum temperature stability and high-temperature consistency.

All the laboratory appliances with Comfort electronic controllers are tested according to the NF X 15-140 standard with regards to maximum temperature stability and optimal temperature consistency.

                       Liebherr freezer (2) is from Diabetes Headquarters Sydney                  


Specifications for medications do change 

The information presented here is a guide only, and not medical advice. 

You should always confirm with either your equipment manufacturer, local doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company for the recommended medication storage temperature for your medication.


The information is based, on the publicly available information at the time of publication.


For further information please contact Diabetes Headquarters