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Stirling SU105E Freezer

The Stirling SU105UE Freezer is Ideal for Research Labs & Clinical Trials Where Space is Limited.

Compact, Lightweight and Flexible;

The unit’s efficient 3.7 cu.ft. (105 L) interior cabinet, matched with a small exterior footprint, saves space in the lab while providing ample storage capacity. Its lightweight design allows for easy stackability or under-counter placement.


Diabetes Headquarters supply the Stirling 105e Freezer

Plug In Anywhere;

The SU105UE plugs into any 110V–240V outlet, worldwide, eliminating expensive conversions.


Widest temperature Range;

Safely store valuable samples from -86°C to -20°C.


Remotely Monitored Freezer Performance;

The unit is available with optional Sense Anywhere technology, which combines wireless sensors and secure cloud storage, to easily monitor and track ULT temperatures from anywhere 24/7.


Ultra-Low Power Consumption;

Designed for space and energy efficiency, the SU105UE uses less than 4 kWh/day at -80°C.


100% Natural Refrigerants;

Because it uses 100% natural, SNAP-compliant refrigerants, the SU105UE is environmentally sustainable.


Minimize Maintenance;

Since the SU105UE has no compressor, it uses no oil and requires virtually no maintenance.

Diabetes Headquarters sell the Stirling SU105E Freezer


Specifications for medications do change 

The information presented here is a guide only, and not medical advice. 

You should always confirm with either your equipment manufacturer, local doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company for the recommended medication storage temperature for your medication.


The information is based, on the publicly available information at the time of publication.


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