Christmas travellers - Storing Insulin correctly

Since Christmas time is just around the corner I thought I'd give some helpful hints to go by when travelling with insulin.


  1. Some hotels use cards to activate the door entry and electricity to be turned on and off. HINT: leave  one of the cards in the electricity slot all the time as this will keep your insulin correctly stored in the bar fridge. If they only give one access card use a old gym membership card in the hol
  2. Insulin must be stored correctly otherwise it will become less effective, at an ambient temperature of 25 C insulin will stay good for approximately 3 weeks, if frozen the insulin almost develops crystals  and therefore should never be used if this happens.
  3. Ideal temperature for insulin to be stored up until is discard date is between 2-8 C.
  4. Always have a letter informing and medical team across the world of what insulin is required, some countries may not carry the type of insulin you take but s an alternae insulin to use if required. That's why important to take the amount of insulin for the whole trip and I say to my clients 2 weeks extra.
  5. Take sick day management guidelines on the trip and keep it handy.
  6. Wear ID
  7. Remember if drinking alcohol that glucagon does not work for hypoglycemic. Always carry hypo treatment such as jelly beans, juices orwith you and hav

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