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Top Ten Checklist for Travelers with Diabetes

Top Ten Checklist for Travelers with Diabetes

Going away soon? 

Diabetes Headquarters in PNG

Diabetes Headquarters has compiled the ultimate Diabetes checklist of must haves before leaving on that exciting holiday.

1.   2-8 degrees Celsius Diabetes medication cooler bagDiabetes Insulin Cooler Bag from Diabetes HeadquartersVery often when you travel you will have to transport your insulin in a cooler bag that is required to maintain the temperature between 2-8 degrees Celsius.

The Medactiv iCoolrange of bags have been proven world wide to do maintain this temperature range when the ambient temperature (outside air temperature where you a are standing when it is 24C degrees).

2.   Batteries - where would the world be without these. Always helpful to have a few floating around in case something goes flat. 

3.   Blood Glucose Monitor- even though you're on holidays please still continue to monitor Blood  glucose levels. A few batteries come in handy in case the monitor goes flat whilst travelling. 

4.   Blood Glucose Strips- it's important to know if the testing strips are available in the country of travel. As for the insulin always take extra and keep them close. Definitely a necessity to keep testing on track. 

5.   Check in with the Diabetes Educator and Endocrinologists before leaving (especially if it's first time travelling overseas). It'll be a worthwhile session to have.

6.   CGM Patches- use high-quality patches such as the ones we stock fromRockaDexso that when moving is not hindered by your monitor coming unstuck.

7.   Finger Pricker and Lancets - spares are always great in case misplaced a few at your last hotel.

8.   Insulin - the most important of all. Whilst it's unlikely that ting to pack this important guy we should be aware of how to store it, especially if travelling on a long haul flight. We recommend purchasing a fantastic FRIO Wallet to keep your insulin cool and safe.  

Take your FRIO Diabetes wallet on holidays from Diabetes Headquarters
9.   Insulin Pens and Needles- we recommend to take a few spares on top of what is actually required. 
10. Insulin Pump - Using an insulin pump than its important that it is declared to security when travelling through airports, go around the scanners and ask to be checked individually by security.
Make sure to have that handy letter from the doctor on hand. Take a photo of the doctors travel letter as back up.
11. Ketone Strips - ensure they're within the expiry date and will continue to be for the rest of the trip. 
12.   Travel Case - I guess that's where we come in! Keep everything organised in a handy travel case. It makes everything easy to find whilst on the move from one incredible place to the next. 

Most of all enjoy yourself !

Friends of Diabetes HQ on holidays

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