Blood Glucose Monitoring, keeping it all together!

Blood Glucose Monitoring is an important part of managing your diabetes. I thought I'd share some tips for improving the accuracy of a blood glucose tests results.
Blood Glucose Monitoring, keeping it all together!
  1. Always wash hands in warm water, avoid using alcohol gels and wipes as they dry hands out and can interfere with the accuracy blood sugar results.
  2. Change the lancets/finger pricker needle at each test, to obtain a good blood drop and have less discomfort.
  3. Make sure the test strips have been stored correctly and are not out of date. Out of date strips will read inaccurately, I have found usually lower BSL.
  4. The timing of testing a blood sugar level is important too; it has to mean something. So if we are seeing what meal is causing your blood sugar to go high, you might test pre and 2 hours post a meal. Talk to the diabetes educator for further advice on when to test.
  5. Keep all your testing equipment free from temperature changes, dust and accessible in a case

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